Robert Varnas is Systems Engineer @ Company 3, Santa Monica, CA.
Background:In 2010, my work experience started with what was supposed to be a 4-day freelance gig. I was organizing space footage for Buzz Aldrin. This soon led to a full-time job as Buzz Aldrin’s media archivist. There was so much content to digitize; more than enough to fill a 10 cu ft storage unit! My role in the company quickly evolved. I then became a digital wizard, taking on the administration of buzzaldrin.com, day-to-day administrative tasks, providing deliverables for licensing deals and media, and create stunning presentations, designing tshirts, running ecommerce, attending autograph shows. On occasion, a bodyguard. The thing I took most pride in was working on presentations.  They were used at speaking engagements around the world.  One even made it's way into the White House for the purpose of inspiring and guiding our leaders in making decisions that will change how we travel in space.